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   If you are a non-governmental organization based in a developing country and wish to work with WFFC through a partnership then please contact us at:

   Please make sure that you first download our Funding Guidelines if you are seeking funding on a joint project with us and then e-mail us to find out if we currently have any funding to give.  Please note that we generally do not accept requests for opening a National/Regional WFFC office in a developing country.  For opening WFFC offices in developed countries click here.

   Due to the high volume of funding requests that we receive, we cannot guarantee funding even if you meet all of the requirements stated in the Funding Guidelines.  However, we would still love to keep in frequent contact with you.  Please write to us and tell us about your work.

At the moment WFFC does not accept proposals for funding!

  We encourage all non-profit organizations  that have an international focus to contact us at:

   The mandate of your organization must be consistent with our Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles.  If we work together as a coalition we will have better chances of succeeding and making a bigger difference around the world!  There are many ways to collaborate such as sharing resources, contacts, technical expertise, or working on joint international projects.  Statistics show that a coalition of organizations not only has better chances of getting funding, but it can also get more funding for a project than if they are to do this individually on their own.  It also reinforces the donor’s trust in the organizations’ joint capability of implementing a project successfully.  That is why many sponsors seek multiple partners that are part of the same funding proposal.

   WFFC always seeks the support of different donors such as individuals, corporations, foundations, and the government.  They can support us by donating funds, goods, services, and/or sponsoring special events.  Please visit our Donate page for more information about making a contribution.

   We offer many benefits to our donors in terms of marketing, advertising, and promoting them through our entire international network of partners.  We display their names and logos on all of our promotion materials, website, presentations, annual newsletters, and much more.  Please contact us for more information about becoming an official sponsor for WFFC at:

However, the best benefit will be that you will show the world that you are a socially responsible member of society that cares about the well-being of children.

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