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Giving children the essential building blocks of life, thereby empowering them to recreate their world.

World Fit For Children is an international, non-sectarian, not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children.  We strive to implement international development projects, provide education and relief, and advocate for the well-being of children worldwide.

Two boysListening to children
We believe in putting children’s needs, views, opinions, ideas, suggestions, and concerns first in our decision making process

Child focused
We are committed to ensuring the happiness, well-being and the best interests of the child at the core of everything we do

Empowering children
We empower children in order to give them the tools to actively transform their, and consequently, our world

Transforming communities
We help communities transform themselves by undertaking projects from start to finish and by guiding them to self-sustainability

Advocating children’s rights
We strive to maximize children’s full potential by promoting their rights

We are committed to collaborating with children, community focused organizations and groups around the world

We ultimately hold ourselves accountable to the children whose lives we have touched

We firmly stand behind all children everywhere regardless of origin, sex, age, colour, race, religion, language, political opinion, property, and disability

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