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Alex speaking to a boy.   We believe that children are the light of the world and it is them what makes life worth living.  A world that is not fit for children is a world of darkness, despair, hate, and sadness.  It is the downfall of humanity.

   We believe that it is simple things that make one happy, simple things that only children are able to teach us.  To quote our founder – Alex:  “It requires a great emotional intelligence for one to fully, if ever, understand children.” 

   We believe that children must be listened to always with the utmost possible attention, seriousness and empathy.  In today’s world, adults need to learn how to truly listen to children.  Children often have to say much more than we can possibly conceive.  The only way to help children is by listening to them.  If we do not listen, then we would never know what they need, and if we do not know what children need, then how can we ever really help them?  What the child needs can be learned from no one but the child itself!

   That is the only way to truly understand what children need.  Therefore, WFFC’s purpose shall be governed only by children’s personal needs, concerns and wishes, and not by the demands of government officials, local mayors, teachers or community leaders.  This was Alex’s vision of a true organization for children, one that would naturally be immune against any corruption, one that would uphold the highest of all possible moral and ethical standards, and therefore, it shall be so.  In that respect, we differ from other similar organizations.

   Thus, even though WFFC is governed by a Board of Directors, they would get their projects ideas directly from children only, and the resolution of any decision must come directly from children’s views, needs, ideas, concerns, and wishes.  This was Alex’s philosophy, and thus, this shall be a philosophy that shall make a World Fit For Children.

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