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  “It is not as literally simplistic as making a difference in children's lives. The issue extends far beyond the common, limiting and conceivable comprehension of our minds.  It is about the wisdom from the deep, emotionally intelligent inspiration that one could only reflect upon from a child's immeasurable spirit, imagination and love for life.  Making a difference is only an inevitable by-product of this.  For that reason, the children of the world shall forever hold a place in my heart.” Alex speaking at a children's forum
           - Alex, 2003.

   Alex was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in the year of 1981.  In the spring of 1994, at the age of 12, he left Europe and settled in Canada.  He started Grade 7 in a Canadian elementary school, however he was transferred directly into high school in Grade 9 before even completing it.  His teachers believed that Alex was a very emotional child of great intelligence.  Later he graduated as one of the top students in his high school and earned numerous awards for academic excellence.  Alex is known to have never attended any of the awards ceremonies in his life, and he was not even present at his high school or at his university graduation ceremonies.

   In the fall of 2000, he was accepted and started attending York University in Toronto, Canada.  He completed 3 advanced degrees by 2005.  Alex has also written and published a scientific research thesis project on conflict resolution under the supervision from a Harvard professor and an advanced research project on child maltreatment.

   During his university years, Alex has been highly involved in many community and sports activities.  He has helped hundreds of children throughout Toronto through the Children's Aid Society of Toronto as well as the Catholic Children's Aid Society.  He has helped actively defend children's rights by being a member of the policy committee of Justice For Children and Youth.  Alex has also been part of numerous Boards as well as he voluntarily practices Conflict Resolution as a Mediator.  He has also been awarded a black belt in the art of Kung-Fu.  He is proficient in English, Bulgarian, Russian and Spanish.

   Deeply inspired by the children that he has met worldwide and disappointed in many of the work ethics of the different children's organizations that he has worked with, especially in that children's opinions were often ignored, Alex decided to start his own organization.  In July 2003, at the age of 22, while still a university student, he founded World Fit For Children and he is the current Chairman and CEO of the organization.  He has spoken in schools, has traveled worldwide, has met with leaders, has appeared in many international newspapers/magazines and radio stations, and has received a number of honorary and prestigious awards.

   In the winter of 2006, he was nominated for a seat on the Toronto City Council in Canada.  In an unorthodox speech at the Council, aired on live TV, Alex publicly declined the offer by stating that his only commitment is to the children of the world, not to advantaged officials.

   Alex plans to continue his committed promise and dedication to helping the children of the world.

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